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Registered office:          Unit 3, Vicarage Farm, 712 Main Road, Dovercourt, Essex, CO12 4LT

Company registration UK-318 3067             Directors: G.Deane C. Eagle Bsc (Hon) T. Deane

“Quality begins at CoMac”

CoMac Machinery was formed in 1996 by Chris Eagle and Gerry Deane.

CoMac Machinery is an industry leading process equipment manufacturer for a range of process machinery that can meet all our customers’ needs and exceed them.

We were one of the first companies in the UK to convert to using Reactive polyurethane Hotmelt Adhesive and supply it on a commercial scale.

In 2003 Comac was commissioned to design and build a machine to produce Linerless labels. It did so and within an inspirational six months, the first of many Com500 machines, now revered world-wide, was in production. This machine has undergone many developments since 2003 to make the Com500 machine one of the most successful in the production of linerless labels in the world. The machines are marketed exclusively world-wide by Ravenwood Packaging Ltd, a leading manufacturer of label applicators.   

Our customers ranging from small companies to large multi-national organizations continue to expand their operations and increase their equipment numbers for processing and this is where we can help by providing a bespoke manufacture, servicing and installation service for processing equipment.

We believe in constructing quality machinery that will  produce professional results whatever you are manufacturing.

Meet the Team at CoMac


Gerry Deane

Gerry started CoMac machinery to create equipment to processing machinery.  

He is the overall director and enjoys meeting new and existing clients. He is also one of our team that on the road should you require a personal visit.


Chris Eagle

Chris is our design engineer and technical advisor.  

He is responsible for remote access to any machinery we send out, so that if you do have an issue help is on hand.


Tina Gooding

Tina is the newest member of the team at CoMac.

Although not from an engineering background she is an experienced administrator and is happy to help with any enquiries you may have.


Paul Benzing

Paul works on all aspects of our machines. He has worked at CoMac since 1994.

He has great technical expertise and will be able to diagnose an issue you may have with a machine and advise you of any parts that you may need to run your equipment smoothly. Paul is also our installation engineer on all new machinery.